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🔴 Do 56 Moderators produce a "moderate amount" of silence? –– SILENCER SPECS TABLE (56 models)

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56-Silencer Specs Table


Black Friday is approaching fast. Here's my contribution to your shopping spree.  😊 


🔴 Find below a Silencer Specs Table comparing 56 silencers, mostly for PCPs. That’s the first PDF attachment. Included are length, weight, girth.  Calibers available.  Connectors available.  Prices.

A second PDF attachment shows photos of some of the more attractive silencers.


🔴 Table of Contents and Overview
• Silencer Specs Table – Sorted by Length
    ◾56 Silencers
    ◾13 Silencer Loudness Comparison Tests
    ◾From 0.88" (2.2cm) thin – to 2.0" (5.1cm) thick
    ◾From 2.9" (7.4cm) short – to 10.50" (26.7cm) long
    ◾From $26 to $270
    ◾In 6 calibers. From .177 to .50 (4.5mm to 12.7mm)
    ◾With 6 extensions, to create your mega or monster silencer, up to almost 17" (43cm)!



🔴 Also included:
• Silencers – Limited to certain gun brands or models or springers
• Makers of custom silencers
• Loudness comparisons: Test details
• Links to some sellers and prices
• Photos of some of the silencers ➔ separate file!



Happy silencer shopping!





🔴 Attachment 1:
SILENCER Specs Table.pdf


🔴 Attachment 2:
SILENCER Specs Table -- Photos only.pdf





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