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The Atlas Airguns Podcast is out! To listen, click on the "Atlas Airguns Podcast" at the top of the home page. On it, you will have the option of an embedded podcast. Alternatively you can click either the Google Podcast or Spotify logos and be redirected to the podcast. Still more, you can always go to the podcast apps and search for it that route. Consider subscribing for future content.

The Atlas Airguns Podcast interviews industry insiders, content creators, competitive shooters and others in the airgun community. If you like airguns or shooting sports in general, this podcast discusses new topics every episode, including: big bore, pre-charged pneumatic rifles, springers, field target, hunting, slugs, pellets, manufacturers and products, and so much more. 



- Atlas

Topic starter Posted : 16/10/2021 7:25 am