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[Closed] WTB –– FOUND! –– Chronograph

Gunman I

WTB –– Willing to Buy a Chronograph




I'd like to do BC testing on pellets where there is few BC data out.

And I already have one chrono – now I NEED another. (I "need" it, that's at least what I keep telling my mind.)


So, if you have one that's fully functional and at a good price, shoot me a PM. I'm in no particular hurry with this.



🔶 I did my homework (my teachers would have been proud of me, I was such a lazy student 😩):  A brandnew Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph is currently priced as follows:

$85 free shipping https://www.

$85 https://www.






🔶 Soooo, I wasn't planning to spend more than that on a USED chrono....

Rather less.... 😄

Got anything for me?


Thanks for reading this. 👍




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