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Excellent Cll K .177 backporch plinking

Poop Stormer

I have done several videos on the .21 caliber, this is the first for the .177 since It was reasealed.

Today we do some backporch plinking with the Excellent Cll K .177

There were several models made. some with smooth bore and rifling in the last few inches of the barrel others are fully rifled. They offered both full size and carbine. A K signified carbine. They came in bb, .177 and .21 round ball. another variant would shoot .21 pellets or roundball. Six or seven variants of the gun where produced I think.

My guns are probably from the 1940s but there is know way to be sure.

Their first airgun was patented in 1904, 1908 they patented a CO2 airgun. They also made an odd top lever spring-piston rifle for a brief time in the early 1920s, as well as a triggerguard-lever rifle.
They also made three versions of breakbarrel springers. The first one was made from 1933 to 1949 and the second and third were more robust guns made from 1949-1959.

Their pre WWII production is estimated at 8,000 rifles. They actually made 3500 rifles during the war, from 1943 – 1945. From 1945-1970 they produced as many 25000 guns.,

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King Maker
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They came in bb, .177 and .21 round ball. another variant would shoot .21 pellets or roundball. 

.21 round ball and .21 pellets are interesting. Funny how both PB and air rifles have adopted the .22 as the plinking standard, but it was a process to get there with calibes near that size. How hard is it finding the .21 round ball or pellets now days?


Thanks for sharing!

- Atlas

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