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🔴 80+ Scopes — Comparison in a Scope Spec Table 6-24x / 5-30x

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🔴 80+ Scopes Compared in a Scope Spec Table
Do you like scope shopping?  I do. 😄   
Do you get sometimes confused by the myriad of options, spread over the internets?  I do.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could compare the specs of a certain scope group side-by-side? 🤔 
Then we would be able to see just which scopes are appropriate for airgunning, which ones fulfill our minimum requirements, which scopes have deal-breakers, which have cool extras, and how much each scope costs approx…!   
Many of the scope features listed below are important when scope shopping –
and the attached Scope Specs Table informs you of each one
comparing the specs of over 80 scopes side-by-side, in a very compact table.
🔶 (1)  Wouldn’t you want to know about what kind of warranty comes with a certain scope?
🔶 (2)  Isn’t it painful to see a scope, start liking something about it – only to find out after digging deep into the webpage that this scope has a 50 yard parallax…? Which scopes actually DO have 10 yard parallax? Good luck trying to find a search result filter for that spec when you go scope shopping….
🔶 (3)  I really like adjusting my parallax with a side focus (SF), not with an adjustable objective (AO) – I can hold the gun more stable if I don’t need to reach way out there. This Specs Table is limited to SF scopes.
🔶 (4)  If I want to change the turret setting I don’t need a turret cap getting in the way. Capped turrets seem to be the manufacturers’ way of saying:  “Zero the scope, put the cap on, and leave it alone. The turrets of this scope are not made to be dialed constantly. That’s why they have a cap!”  – 
The Specs Tabe gives you exposed turrets.
🔶 (5)  You shoot (plink & hunt) at changing ranges and with changing magnifications. Having a first focal plane (FFP) scope would be helpful for that, as the holdovers are always the same no matter what the magnification.
Then you only need one dope chart, just one set of holdovers to remember.
Which scopes under #500 are FFPs – and do they have the other features that I like in a scope?

If you exclusively shoot targets at predetermined ranges, you’d probably want a second focal plane (SFP) scope. Which ones are SFP? And at which magnification is the reticle calibrated?
🔶 (6)  Are you looking for a really light scope? Or a really short scope? But you also must have 10y adjustable parallax? Those are rare – good luck sifting through piles of scope webpages….
🔶 (7)  If long range shooting and heavy projectiles interest you – wouldn’t you want to know if a scope has enough elevation turret adjustment so you can reach those ranges?
🔶 (8 )  Often scope manufacturers don’t tell you – but they build scopes where the turrets can’t talk to the reticle and vice versa, because they speak different languages: one speaks MOA, the other MIL. Not cool. But no scope seller has a filter to throw those mismatched scopes out of the search results. And how to find scopes quickly that have either MOA or MIL if you have a strong preference?
🔶 (9)  For airguns a holdoff reticle must have evenly spaced hash marks/ dots — not just plain crosshairs or a bullet drop compensating reticle [BDC]). The scopes in the Specs Table qualify!
🔶 (10)  You hunt and want an all-round scope that can take close shots on a stalk, but you also want to reach out to 50 or 100y with the same scope.
Then you’ll need a scope with a wide field of view (FoV), and also a high magnification. Which scopes would qualify?
🔶 (11)  The eyebox is the area in which your eye has to be in order to see a full scope image without dark corners. The larger the better, because the quicker you can aim and shot on a hunt. 
And therefore, the larger the exit pupil at max. magnification should be. What exit pupil sizes do the top five scopes on your wish list have?
🔶 (12)  Maybe you’d like a gridded reticle (“Christmas tree”). But who sells one for under $500 – and with a 10y parallax?
🔶 (13)  Are you shooting long range and dial your turrets? Then you’d probably like to know how much one revolution of the turret moves the reticle: a dinky and uneven 6 mil, or a large and round 10 mil.
🔶 (14)  Would you like your reticle hash marks/ dots numbered to quicker find your correct holdoff?
🔶 (15)  Is it important if a scope has an illuminated reticle?
🔶 (16)  Some want them thicker, some want them thinner: How thick are the main lines of the reticle?
There are links to YouTube videos where you can see many reticles "in action." 

Happy scope shopping!!  😊   

Scope Specs Table
6-24x /  5-25x / 5-30x / 4-20x

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