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QB79 - Ninja bottle gun

Gunman I

Hey folks,

  Over on the GTA there are dozens of threads on these QB79 conversions. I bought a QB used from a GTA member a few years ago and eventually bought a NINJA bottle for it. I lost interest in it long ago. I recently picked up a few parts to finish the project. I got it all cleaned up and reassembled today. I have not shot it over the chrony yet. I DID shoot a few different pellets through it and got it sighted in.

  I have to say... these guns are NO FRILLS, inexpensive, heavy, built like AK47's, & I think they are unsightly. With all that said, this thing shoots amazing. I shot cheap stuff (CPHP's) and some JSB's and some Barracudas through it. I only have 20 yards to shoot in the basement but it was far better than I anticipated. I came upstairs and had a beer and watched a little Netflix, then I remembered I have a few tins of H&N slugs. I ran downstairs and shot 5 slugs into a ragged hole. I never smiled so big. I think I may have laughed out loud a bit.  I have the cheapest scope on it...some gamo plastic junk scope but it is VERY fun. I doubt I will put much more effort into this thing but it turned out better than my best expectations. It is a beater gun at best in it's current form and I actually think I love it.

 I will post a few pics of groups and of the gun. I put a Rocker1 LDC on it and it is pretty tame, easily basement/backyard friendly. I need to 3D print a bushing for it to mount my chrony to it but I will post FPS as well. 

 Thanks for reading,


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King Maker

Anyone ever make any after market cantilevered mags as they did for the Crosman pistols?

- Atlas

Posted : 21/09/2021 5:33 pm