Rules 1-5

Rule 1: Do not break the law. If you break Federal, State, or local laws you are not only in violation of the law but also of this website. Do not post illegal content, do not share or recommend anything illegal, and do not engage with anything illegal. If you see something that is illegal, flag it and contact a moderator.

Rule 2: No adult content, pornography, or modeling photos or videos. This includes music videos. Posting anything sexual in nature is prohibited.

Rule 3: Try to keep this site PG-13. This is a principle rather than a rule. Lots of people who might visit here are young boys and girls. Keep this site clean.

Rule 4: No slander or defamation (also illegal and can fall under Rule 1).

Rule 5: No harassment, threats of any kind, or calls to violence (all illegal and can fall under Rule 1).